Child Car Seats That Let Your Kids Ride In Style


Protecting your kids is something that is always on the minds of parents everywhere. While safety is always a primary concern, with the quality of today’s car seats, it is also alright to search for a seat that looks good as well. Chances are you are going to be using the child seat that you buy for a number of years, so why not find something that not only performs well but also suits your eye and looks good in the back seat of your car.

We have searched for the best convertible car seat 2016 to help you find models that offer the best designs, provide the most comfort, and are something that you will not mind looking at everyday. We are not looking at safety features, side impact protection, or harness strength. You can assume that all of the seats below meet or exceed all regulations and are among the safest convertible car seats on the market. Instead, our focus will be on styling, materials, and color options that help produce some of the most stylish convertible safety seats for your child.

Britax Tops Our List

You can rest assured that when you get a Britax car seat that it is going to be safe. They make some of the best high end car seats that include some unique patterns and color options that will appeal to both kids and parents. Our favorites include some of the eye catching animal patterns. They make a pink giraffe design and a cowhide pattern that are fun for kids. Their color schemes also tend to work rather well. They also have some subtle patterns that help break up the monotonous single color designs of some of the other convertible car seats on the market.

As much work and effort that has gone into making their seats perform well in an accident, it seems the same care has gone into the overall styling as well. The materials also feel more high end and deliver excellent comfort for children. For fun, plush and head turning car seats that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors, a Britax car seat would be our top option.

Peg Perego Style

While they may not have some of the wilder patterns of Britax, Peg Perego offers a wide range of color choices that will suit just about any parents needs. From neutral to bold, one of these convertible car seats is sure to please. These are one of the more expensive brands that you can buy, and the look and feel of the seats justifies the higher price. With extremely plush materials that are easy to clean, these seats do have a luxurious feel that every parent wants. Kids love these seats as well since they tend to stay cool. These are made in Italy and come with a distinct Italian flare that will elevate the back seat of any car. For anyone with a bigger budget, a Peg Perego convertible car seat would be worth considering.

Diono Car Seats

This is another one of our top choices as they not only offer single color options, but they also add some unique patterns into the designs of their Radian convertible car seat. Sure you can get colors such as “plum” and “cobolt” but they also have a fun pattern like “Spring” that help set these apart from their competition. The materials used in their seats are not only soft but they are extremely durable as well. With racing inspired bright red or blue to more subtle shades of grey, Diono has something for everyone.

Not only are these some of the safest seats on the market but they are also some of the best styled. They are a bit a larger than some other convertible safety seats, and they are almost like a throne for your child. They will definitely feel like little kings and queens riding around in one of these. Like Peg Perego, Diono car seats will cost you a bit more as they are on the higher end of the price spectrum. But if you can afford it, then one of these car seats is the way to go.

Cost Factor

Unfortunately, we have found that the less expensive seats tend to have less attention paid to their eye appeal as some of the more expensive brands. While Graco and EvenFlo do make some excellent seats that cost a little less, they have to save money somewhere and design is the area that seems to suffer. The whole point of getting a convertible car seat is to buy something that your child can use as they grow. It is an investment that you will be using for the first few years of your child’s life. It is also something that you will be using everyday, looking at it in your rearview mirror. Why not get something that looks and feels great and won’t be an eyesore in a year’s time. It is okay to buy something that is both safe and stylish for you and your little one. As long as you follow standard child seat safety guidelines then you should not feel guilty about wanting to splurge a little and find something that is also nice to look at day in and day out.